Being forced to follow strict standards and regulations isn’t ideal for them and leads to dissatisfaction and boredom. ENFJs should avoid careers such as security guard, tour operator, paint watcher and the like. Lack of learning opportunities. Being able to learn new skills increases the ENFJ’s interest and engagement while decreasing boredom. The ISTJ personality type of introvert are practical, dependable and meticulous. They take dead lines and specifications very seriously, and feel strongly about how things should be done. They need independence in their job. They are systematic in completing their tasks and have a strong respect for facts and concrete information. The ideal ISTJ career path involves working in small teams with a clear hierarchy, and doing work that deals mostly with facts and numbers rather than abstract matters. Data analyst. Data analysts gather, organize, and process data to make recommendations for business processes. ISTJs enjoy working with concrete facts and numbers, and being. What does ISTJ stand for? ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. In the popular Myers-Briggs or 16-personalities tradition, all personalities belong to one of 16 types. Each type is defined by preferences across these four dimensions: Introverted vs. Extraverted. Sensing vs. Intuitive.

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